Thursday, 1 September 2011

On the bus

When I got offered a job in Devon working on the TV series poppy cat I had to wake up early and grab a bus to Hontion each morning. Here are some pages from my handly little sketchbook of some of the people I would travel with.

Most people were normal, but sometime i´d get strange people to travel with. Once a hippy couple brought their travle sick dogs on that vomited eveywhere. It smelt lovely that day on the bus, gagging for air for 25 minutes hehe. never had I been so happy to get to work.

This guy liked red, his phone was red, his colour matching tracksuite was all red and his bag was red. Is it a statement or a try at fashion?
The guy on the left had an awesome comb over, I just had to draw it, heehee, am I evil? 0_0

This guy looked a little like my dad when he had a moustache. Dad denies tthis claim.I sadly didn´t actually see batman on my many bus journies :(

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