Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I have recently been hired as an animator for the game Skull girls. It´s going to be such an experience animating 2d characters for this extremly aestetic 2d fighter. The visuals are stunning and the game play looks very fun. I hope to learn a lot from it. One thing I learnt while doing tests to get the contract was that you must use all your animation knowledge to make each movement very clear to what´s happening and snap from one key frame back to the other and the same to most extreme positions while adding subtle anticipations within very short spaces of time. This is one frame after the initial attack from one of my tests I sent in.

Here´s a video of the game

More bus train, cafe and other observation drawings.

Tight rope walkers in bournemouth gardens.

A good friend of mine on the left drawn at comic con in London.

These two picture are of empoyees at King rollo, not the page of little heads though, they are the usuals on the bus.
Here´s a quick self portrait of the time along with some more bus people
People waiting at Poppy cafe.
People on the train, obviously bored and i actually like how the guy in the top right at neros cafe turned out.

Yes an odd little dragon snail thingy hehe

These are two good friends of mine ho I grew up with in Spain at school as we play cards and the guy on the right is at a bar with his kid and family.

Tae Kwon do and stuff

So I´ve been going to Tae kwon do lessons and was very kindly invited to come along to a tournament and demonstration thingy that was going on, so I said yes!!!! :D Got my sktechbook and headed on over with them in the car. Was great, there were some impressive fights, I need to bbe quicker at capturing fighting movements on paper though. SOme kick was doing jumping outer crescent kicks while this other black belt was ducking under them, crazy stuff and that was in the sparring, not the demonstration stuff 0_0

LoL is a barrel of laughs

My brother got me into a little game called LoL, It´s a strategy game from an offshoot of people who worked on WoW I think. It stands for League of Legends. These two are a couple of the very any characters you can choose from, my main is Anivia, the crio Pheonix you see above, she kicks ass with her being reborn technique and ice barrage attacks! The other is Riven, a female warroir who broke her sword as a statement, her ultimate attack rebuilds her massive sword to squish enemies.


Hi all, this is where I had been working while in Devonshire!! It was a great small house studio with great people in. Lots of talent and laughs around. Here´s a link to the official website, it should show you what sort of stuff I had been working on. I´ll get round to uploading some of my Poppy cat work in the future. :)