Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stuttgart film Festival

So once a year we ave this big animation festival..or rather two at the same time in Stuttgart. One is the Trick film Festival and the other is the FMX.  I try to attend as much as I can.

 The big screen in the middle of the Scloss Platz feild with Vikie the Viking, Sonic Tranformed racing races and Gumball.

 Yay Gumball! ^_^
 A Spongebob costumed guy
 Bought myself a copy of Blacksad 5 in Deutsch
 A print from the Bill Plympton film "Cheating". Not mine, I was just looking after it for a friend.
The quick sketch is mine though, Bill Plympton was kind enough to do a sketch for everyone who came to the screening, so I returned the favour and did him a little sketch to say thanks back...not quite an equal trade hehehe, but I guess my gesture counts.
 Me in the morning on the last day having myself a yummy Crepe, banana and Nutella..mmmm :P
 Pigeons enjoying the rain and the big puddle.

 Passing the mic from the presenter to Mike and then Klaus after the showing of Trundes Tier...

 Ok, so we were bored at the cafe, so we all made a joint comic. I started the first frame and then passed it along to my work colleagues and we somehow made a strange..yet kinda working story.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Out n' Aboot

So I went out for a drink with a good friend sketching on the weekend while it was lovely and sunny and ended up there for a few hours and got some drawing done. (no boxers around I'm afraid, that was just for fun.)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Naked people is back!

The classes started again and man I´m rusty. I have been focusing on tones these times after te warm ups though been finding it tricky to get the tones down in 10 minute poses. I´ll need a good 20 minute pose to get down the basic shadows and then all the more subtle shading or buy myself a big thick pencil to get the foundations done quickly.

What´s this Enigma?

 Hmm...green card....Sketchy sketch then Snippidy snip snip
 Tadaaaa!  Why though?
 Who´s this I see inviting us in to the restaurant? Why...if it isn¨t Mr Edward!?
Here´s the rest of your outfit, you´re welcome Riddler :)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Boy meets dino-thingy

Using a process that a friend sowed me while practising with
my markers and brush pen.