Thursday, 1 September 2011

From Poppy Cat to Poppy Cafe

At the weekend I frequented this lovely cafe called Poppy Cafe. The owners got to know me...ish, as the artist hehe. It was a good way to talk to people as they´d start conversations after seeing me drawing them. I had a good time and got to sharpen my skills and home my style.

I stopped going after a while as we had over time at work and I got tired out with that and other personal projects at home. That plus being a lazy bas....person.

I decided to draw the tables since they were interesting, like 1950s diners. And yes before you ask, I did see a dinosaur, he was enjoying his cup of tea and fry up :).This man was a talkative guy and bought me some tea which was very nice of him. While sketching him he asked if I could add to his hair on top as he could do with the extra. Do you think I went too far? :P
Randoms drinking, putting on jackets and crouching over a walking cane.

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