Thursday, 26 June 2014

Naked people is back on!!!

Awesome professional model this time and not someone from the street which can happen from time to time. Her body was great to draw as she had reached an age where everything wasn't perky and it created lots of interesting shapes. Her poses were great too!  Mostly pen and a a bit of brush pen.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Doodling in Favorite park

Badly drawn deer and stuff, ah well we all have off days.

 After visiting the park I had some ice cream with friends and doodled the people.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Eliza move designs

Here are the ideas I drew out for possible Eliza moves with the rest of the skullgirls team while we were helping Alex Ahad with the move sets.  Alex recently gave us permission to upload these online to show the comunity.

EDIT:  And now with the addition of Sekhmet

Also here are the blogs where you can find other Eliza and Sekhmet move designs and concepts.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Comic Salon

So this weekend I went to the Comic Salon in Erlangen.  Third time in my life that I have actually been to an event like this, I plan on going more often.

This is a part of the massive "shopping centre". Books stores everywhere trying to sell you their comics.  It´s really nice, though I would have liked to have been able to do more than just shop for comic books.  There were a few conferences and artist signings which were cool and tere were also workshops about the town, but none that took my fancy.

 Then we had lunch and while sitting down and eating, a big group of Capoeristas came along and started playing instruments and doing capoeira in the middle of the street. I managed to get a few doodles done from watching before the crowd got too big to see anything.
 After Lunch, Christoph, JuanP, Eva and myself went to a conference on this Danish artist that works on the Donald Duck comics in Norway if I remember correctly. It was interesting, though we all got a bit lost mid way through when he went into detail about the sciences...Dinosaur DNA and Astronomy... The children loved the sketches at the end that he created on the giant pages folded over the white board. I actually found them amusing too and was impressed that he managed to get them done in front of a crowd shouting their favourite characters at him, while coming up with nice ideas within a very limited time.
 I tried out one of the new display tablets using one of their apint programs. I have to say, I prefer my Cintiq a lot and drawing with your finger can be very tough hehehe. I´m sure if I knew how to use the program fully and had a pen to draw with it would have been a better experience.
 Artist gallery of Walt Kelly and his work on Pogo.
 At first I looked to be a 10 euro note for the price of 59 €
 Michael (Darwin), Eva (Nicoles) and Juan P  (Green with Envy Gumball)
 Me (Gumball), Eva (Nicole with streaming makeup), Michael (Margrit Thatcher Richard) and Christoph (Mr small)
 Finally all the Merch´ that I purchased there.

A couple of posters from the webcomic "A tale of Fiction"

Gung Ho comic and art book, that I sadly was too late to get signed and drawn in :(

Hilda and the bird parade comic

My Amika Flyers

and some other cool freebies.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

More doodles out n about

 The owner at the icecream shop bought this from me for 5 euros and a free icecream hehehe, I quickly grabbed a photo of it before I handed it away.
 A work colleague  knitting a summer dress, yeah I essed up the hands..whoops
 Some old coat lady

 A woman and her super smiley doggy
A colleague busy doodling away.
Another colleague pondering the meaning of life