Sunday, 22 May 2016

CGMA Week 3: Micro and Macro paintings

 Texture studies from photos and the instructional video.

 Miki the instructor asked us to do a still life during a live Q&A so I painted the X-box controller and phone I had in front of me.

Process for my Macro painting colour key

Sketchand value keys for my final illustration for this week based on a segment from my comic.

 Colour revision update.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

CGMA Week 2: Lighting principles

For this week I have been painting spheres in greyscale, seeing how different types of light effect the same object and experiementing with a variation of warm, cool, light and warm, cool shadow combinations.  At the end I will put this recent knowledge into a master painting study.

3 different lighting types from far and weak to close and strong.

 Different types of light efects and shadow types.

Self Portrait using values and geometric shapes for blocks of light.

 Me sphere studies with different attempts at varying temperatures of light and shadow

A study of a Frank Frazetta illustration (on the left) with my local colours, light colours and shadows last.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

CGMA Week 1: Tonal studies

For the Colour and light painting course, within the first week we were assigned to make tonal studies from film illustration, still life and imagination. We were limited to only using 5 values and they were to be painted relatively quickly with a default brush at 100% opacity. I learnt something from this on how to keep things simple yet still with posibilities for complexity.

3 from fims...

3 from master illustrators

2 from imagination...

...and 2 from still life observation.