Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hello Peoplenage,

I have been wondering about with my sketch book lately.

I came back on the 15th at night from a trip I took to Germany for just over a fortnight. I started in Frankfurt Hahn airport and traveled to Essen via coach and trains I met a cool Abstract artist who gave me this image. I think it looks like a face or a male torso.I got this great rubber or "eraser" from a girl I´ve been seeing. I was staying with her and her family during the stay. :)

Some tree in Landau town

I enjoyed this bit of art done on boards just outside an unused building.
More artsy stuff in Landau

Me feeling gloomy and looking like hell after lots of train journeys to get back to Frankfurt ariport. It was pretty cold there, snowed the first day I arrived, though not anywhere near Essen.
as sad to leave in the end. :(

Oh well, back into the frey of finding more work!!

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