Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I have recently been hired as an animator for the game Skull girls. It´s going to be such an experience animating 2d characters for this extremly aestetic 2d fighter. The visuals are stunning and the game play looks very fun. I hope to learn a lot from it. One thing I learnt while doing tests to get the contract was that you must use all your animation knowledge to make each movement very clear to what´s happening and snap from one key frame back to the other and the same to most extreme positions while adding subtle anticipations within very short spaces of time. This is one frame after the initial attack from one of my tests I sent in.

Here´s a video of the game


  1. Congrats keith! I've seen videos for that game all over lately! Well done you!

  2. Thanks Sean :) It´s all thanks to Sarah from my year, she let me and TJ know about this job position and just in time too before all the places were filled. It´s good to see it´s getting more and more popular :D